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We Energies’ attempt to charge homeowners who generate their own solar power begs the questions: How much of the market for solar power will belong to large utilities? Read more

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Efforts are underway to expend solar energy use in Wisconsin, but existing governmental policies often hamper that expansion. Read more

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According to Peter Murphy of MREA, Wisconsin has a lot to gain from solar-friendly policies in place in other states. Read more


WEC Energy Group, Inc. (We Energies) is committed to working with individuals and businesses who want to go solar. Read more


In Wisconsin, the potential of solar energy has yet to be fully tapped. As costs come down for consumers, the popularity of solar energy increases. Read more


We Energies had claimed in its rate case before the state Public Service Commission (PSC) that its customers with solar panels actually cost the utility money, which they need to recoup from these customers. Two of the three-member commissi... Read more

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The city of Milwaukee is exploring becoming energy independent—not just by reducing its electricity use and increasing its renewable energy portfolio, but perhaps Read more

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Having directed NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies for most of the past four decades, James E. Hansen retired this month to devote himself to the scientific activism that has brought both awards and catcalls during Read more

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With gas prices soaring again and energy costs slated to grow in the long term, it's a great time to consider... Read more

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In 1940 the Soviet occupiers of eastern Poland methodically massacred over 20,000 Polish officers and buried them in a mass grave at Katyn Forest. After the Nazi Germans turned on their Soviet allies and seized eastern Poland at the start of the.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Environmental stewardship is firmly rooted in the texts of the world’s great religions. Jewsand Christians both point to Genesis 2:15, where God tells Adam toabad, or serve, the Garden of Eden. T,None Read more

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Thedoors may be closed for the season, but the ovens at Amaranth Bakery& Cafe certainly won’t be growing cold this summer. OwnersStephanie Shipley and David Boucher are selling a large selection oftheir baked goods at two local farmers’ markets: ... Read more

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The U.S. military operates a beachfront site at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility where military personnel and their families can vacation. The resort offers air-conditioned suites, surfing, boat rides, a golf course, a bowling alley and ... Read more

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