It’s been about a half year since Milwaukee's Twin Brother played their last show—not an especiallylong time for most acts, but a veritable eternity for a group that has spentthe last three years gigging relentlessly. There’s good reason for t.. Read more

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Typically a solo album from a songwriter who already fronts two bands would be the very definition of unnecessary, but coming from Jack Tell it actually makes sense, given how Tell’s other projects Animals in Human Attire and Lousy Trouts have bal.. Read more

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Things are changing for Iron and Wine, both for the band and its namesake. Sam Beam took his band name from a health tonic he saw while filming a movie in Florida Read more

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It's been a while since we've heard anything new from the Midwest Americana act The Wooldridge Brothers, but fresh material is on the way—two albums' worth of it, to be exact. Brothers Scott and Brian Wooldridge are finishing up their seventh albu.. Read more

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jeff tweedy solo 2014 tour spencer drums.jpg.jpe

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As the frontman and major songwriter for the nearly universally acclaimed alt-country institution Wilco, Jeff Tweedy has little cause for concern should the band, which is currently on an extended b,Concert Reviews Read more

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For someone who’s usually thought of as a solo artist, Elvis Costello rarely goes it alone. He’s been through at least two official backing bands, the Attractions for much of the 1980s and the I,Concert Reviews Read more

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As part of a radio campaign behind his band\'s upcoming album, <em>Port of Morrow</em>, The Shins\' James Mercer played a short solo show at the Rave last week sponsored by the local alt-rock station FM 102.1. The invite-only acoustic performance .. Read more

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Progressive rock is like pornography, Will Romano admits in his intro to Mountains Come out of the Sky: The Illustrated History of Prog Rock (Backbeat Books). It’s hard to define but you know it when you hear it. That said, definitions are ... Read more


Dan Nadel has assembled an anthology consisting of forgotten comic books from artists who became better known for other work in the field, including H.G. Peter (Wonder Woman) and Harry Lucey (Archie). All of the stories he gathered for Art ... Read more


Long before "pop" became whatever Ryan Seacrest is hawking in any given week, it was a word synonymous with the Great American Songbook and the mature emotional palette expressed therein. Racine native Suzanne Jamieson excels in applying th... Read more

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A Mexico-raised, Chicago-based artist who takes cues from Salvador Dali and Bill Sienkiewicz, painter Luis De La Torre explores what it means to be a modern Mexican-American in his exhibition, “Welcome to the Holy Land,” which runs through ... Read more

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