Sonny Knight

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Sonny Knight / Photo Credit: Mike Madison

On Music

One of the more satisfying musical trends of the last 10 years or so has been the renewed interest in veteran soul artists who never found the fame they deserved the first time around. Sonny Knight is one of the many singers who has been enjoying .. more

On Music

At a time when Republicans are once again vowing to kill health care for human beings, great strides are being made in improving health care for all those deer Wisconsin hunters are going out to blow away this week.Concern for deer health h... more

Taking Liberties 14 Comments

To hear Jules Feiffer tell it, he all but had to be talked into writing Backing Into Forward (Talese/Doubleday), one of the most entertaining memoirs you’re likely to read this (or any other) year. The prizewinning cartoonist and playwright... more