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On The River, the versatile veteran vocalist Barbara Stephan utterly sells the EP’s half-dozen songs, imbuing them with conviction commensurate to Dusty Springfield or Sharon Jones. more

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On Mid-Century Modern, Rhode Island-based vocalist and cornet player Al Basile merges bouncy old-school, horn-fueled soul music with contemporary arrangements and flawless production. The arrangements also are stacked with mighty blues guit... more

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Billiardsand a popular singer in adult African-American music come together for amatinee on Sunday, May 31 as T.K. Soul performs for the awards ceremony for anumber of pool leagues at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.The Louisiana native born Terence K.. more

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Even more than most of the other neo-soul singers who emerged at the turn of the century, Anthony Hamilton... more

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The Milwaukee Styx tribute band Light Up covers the art-rock band’s biggest hits from the ’70s and ’80s, including stadium staples like “Lady,” “Too Much Time on My Hands” and their signature epic “Come Sail more

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You know those three Kings Go Forth tracks that you've been streaming on the group's Myspace page for the last six months? Well, they've added three more. The first two, "Now We're Gone" and "High On Your Love," expand on the basementy, analoguey .. more

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Isaac Hayes died today at age 65. His death is particularly shocking because, though he’d suffered a stroke last year, physically Hayes was just about as fit as ever: trim, muscular, and fittingly, given the nature of his music, seemingly virile. .. more

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  After the one-two punch of Al Green's solid comeback albums I Can't Stop and Everything's OK, I set my expectations a touch too high for Lay It Down, Green's much-hyped album with the visionary Roots drummer ?uestlove and a host of respectable, .. more

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During the Middle Ages, Western Europe was a backwater. In When Asia Was the World, Univer When Asia Was the World, ,Books more


Motown Records were the titans of 1960s soul, but by the 1970s, Detroit’s rigidly orchestrated songs had fallen out of vogue in favor of Philadelphia’s new spin on the genre. Philly soul was lighter on its toes, a looser amalgam of soul and funk s.. more

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Often billed as an explicit homage to PBS’ long-running kids series “Sesame S Avenue Q ,Today in Milwaukee more

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Dark Star Orchestra @ The Pabst Theater, 8 p.m. Th The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, ,This Week in Milwaukee more

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