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Love him or dismiss him, Jim DeRogatis is one of themost fascinating figures in music journalism. The co-host of public radio’s “SoundOpinions more

On Music

David Mamet was easily one of the most controversial American playwrights of the 20th century. The mind behind such works as American Buffalo and Oleanna and Speed the Plow among others continues to produce to this day. Ultimate the question is wh.. more


 FilmmakerJosh Fox takes fracking personally. Shale gas drilling has surrounded themodest, rustic house in the Pennsylvania woods he inherited from immigrant parents.He might be forced off the land by a process that involves inje.. more

I Hate Hollywood

The complexities of romance and the human psyche are explored with striking insight in John Kolvenbach’s 2008 comedy Love Song. Co-directed by Char Manny and Josh Perkins, Soulstice Theatre’s production of the play deftly draws out Kolvenba... more


Chicago music writers Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis, of the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times respectively, make an odd pair. Kot is the likable everyman, while DeRogatis is a more divisive figure, an opinioned curmudgeon more

Today in Milwaukee

Without a doubt the most influential of the early rock ’n’ roll figures and the man most responsible for popularizing the genre’s signature guitar sound and 4/4 beat, Chuck Berry penned hits that created the template for The Beatles, The more

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