Soup Bros.

Between the welcoming atmosphere, helpful employees and exceptional sandwiches, it’s easy to see why Boo-Boo’s in Walker's Point is a great lunch stop. Read more

Dining Out

These are not exactly your grandmother’s bowl of soup, but any can offer a sipping spoonful act to make her proud. Read more

Dining Out

The Whitefish Bay High School Auditorium is big. Really, really big. This is interesting to note as it is the home of venerable local community theatre group The Bay Players. Smaller-budget productions are usually placed on smaller stages, but th.. Read more


Acold, snowy winter seems like the right time for a good bowl of soup. Achoice place to go is the aptly named Soup Bros. (209 W. FloridaSt.), a cozy Walker’s Point hideaway. The small dining are,Dining Out Read more

Dining Preview