Despite homogenization and globalization, not to mention migration across state lines, regional differences persist in America’s spoken English. Some of those differences came as a surprise to New Jersey-born New Yorker Josh Katz, who compi... Read more


Wisconsin may be America’s cheese capitol, but when it comes to at least one kind of cheese, the South has our state beat. Pimento cheese is popular throughout Southern states, readily available not only in grocery stores Read more

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Terrible things befall innocent people in melodrama. By the end, evil is usually punished and the good guys rewarded or at least consoled. American composer Carlisle Floyd's 1955 opera Susannah tells the melodramatic story of a young woman ... Read more

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Local author Brenda K. Stiff is working to make her dream a reality—a dream that her newly published book, Erica the Eagle, will turn into a classic best seller reaching across all lines: age, ethnicity, gender, race and socioeconomic statu... Read more

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Just11 pages into In Search of the Blues(Basic Books), author Marybeth Hamilton comes ri In Search of the Blues ,Books Read more


While much the city watches the Super Bowl, the UWM Union Theatre screens a little-seen 19 South ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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