Soviet Union

In 'The Russian Job,' one of the foremost historians of 20th-century Russia investigates the work of a semi-private charity headed by Herbert Hoover that fed the starving Soviet Union in the early 1920s. Read more


Tom Sturdevant, Milwaukee author and chairman of the Midwest Chapter of the Cold War Museum, will discuss his book, Cold War Wisconsin, at Boswell Book Company on Oct. 30. Read more


Based on original unexpunged sources, Russian historian Sergey Yarov’s Leningrad 1941-42: Morality in a City Under Siege is a disturbing examination of humanity under duress. Read more


Drawn from Margot Lee Shetterly’s non-fiction account, Hidden Figures dramatizes the work of people whose faces never appeared in broadcasts from Cape Kennedy or Mission Control, a trio of African American women whose facility with numbers ... Read more

Film Reviews

Child 44 is a serial killer film set in Stalin’s Russia. It grippingly recreates the fearful atmosphere of those days, where a knock on the door at night or the sight of a black car on the street could mean a trip to the Gulag. Read more

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Amid all the suffocating claptrap celebrating Margaret Thatcher in the media, only the British themselves seem able to provide a refreshing hit of brisk reality. Over here, she is the paragon of principle known as the "Iron Read more

News Features

<p> <em>My Perestroika</em> will confirm as well as confound the impressions spread by American media about life in the Soviet Union during its final decade. The archival footage is as priceless as the interviews with Russians, now in middle age, .. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

For a past writing project I interviewed about two-dozen ex-POWs concerning their experiences in a Chinese-run POW camp in North Korea. When asked what topic or issue most occupied their thoughts and conversation, almost to a man they said ... Read more


In the late 19th century, a German playwright named Frank Wedekind wrote a play sharply criticizing the sexually repressive culture of Germany at the time. Wedekind’s Spring Awakening covered a lot of ground in a single plot about a group o... Read more

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