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The producers of “Star Trek: Voyager" turned for inspiration to one of literature’s oldest stories, The Odyssey. Like those Greek mariners, the crew of the starship Voyager faced unknown dangers on a perilous homeward journey. The box se... more

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Austria’s Edenbridge released its debut album, Sunrise in Eden, in 2000 among a slew of similar female-fronted symphonic metal bands. Many have come and gone, but Edenbridge—still led by angelic vocalist Sabine Edelsbacher and mononymous mu... more

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The 2016 World Series, the official documentary of the games catches the excitement and anticipation at box offices, in the stands and on the field, and moves at a brisker pace than most baseball games. more

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CineConcerts’ “Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage” brought an emotionally rich experience to the packed house at the Riverside Theater Sunday night. more

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Justin Freer talks about the symphonic concert he's created featuring music from Star Trek’s television and film scores. more

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A big week for comedy from David Cross, Bob Saget and Paula Poundstone to Milwaukee. more

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Photo Courtesy Sam Howzit, Flickr CCActor, Writer and Producer LeVar Burton will speak atUW-Milwaukee’s Union Wisconsin Room tonight as a part of the university’sDistinguished Lecture Series.Burton will speak about his 40-year career, his.. more

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The hype surrounding Episode VII of the Star Wars saga is deafening and the enthusiasm is genuine, the anticipation for Star Wars: The Force Awakens dwarfing even the films of the Harry Potter franchise. But the good news is that Writer-Dir... more

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Is your refrigerator running? Better vote for it! Hello my laughing Larrys and snickering Sues! This is Derrick “Did You Laugh?” Babin! For over 25 years I had the privilege of running my very own prop shop, Derrick’s Gallery of Giggles. Sadly,.. more

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As director Ridley Scott mentions in his commentary for the new Blu-ray release of Thelma & Louise: “I wanted to do a people-driven story.” Scott had already made a mark with two of the most significant science-fiction films of the 1980s, Blade.. more

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The Milwaukee Rep opens its first season under new artistic director Mark Clements with a production of the 1966 hit Broadway musical drama Cabaret . With a substantial cast and choreography by Milwaukee Ballet’s Michael Pink more

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The Milwaukee Rep produces the U.S. premiere of Laurel and Hardy , Tom McGrath’s tribute to the comedy team from the Golden Age of cinema. McGrath’s script envisions a meeting between Laurel and Hardy in the afterlife. more

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Twelve million people live along the shores of Lake Michigan, a body of water that plays a vital role for residents of Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. Michigan, the state with the farthest-reaching freshwater coastline, is likewi... more


The cosmos seems to expand in all directions as the human eye and imagination see further into the mystery with no end in sight. One of History Channel’s most interesting series, “The Universe,” explores space, matter and time—“the place we call .. more

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Call me old school, but Uhura has no business kissing Mr. Spock and Spock has no business Enterprise ,Film more

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Since its debut at Wisconsin’s Sesquicentennial celebration, Guys on Ice, a musical Guys on Ice ,Today in Milwaukee more

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