Ten years is a long time for four people to be doing anything . Four people regularly getting together to do sketch comedy over the course of ten years? That’s amazing. In local comedy time ten years is like . . . an epoch or something. Broa.. more


The Brewers decided to shake things up on their off day by announcing a complete restructuring of their minor league coaching situation.A lot of changes were made, but none are so glaring as the removal of Don Money as AAA manager. Money spent t.. more

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Stars aren’t the first band to depict love as a battlefield, but on albums like 2004’s Set Yourself on Fire and 2007’s In Our Bedroom After the War , they depict the casualties in unusually graphic detail. more

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From the first guitar chord that burst from the amplifiers, watching Blitzen Trapper was like taking a ride in a time machine with the date set to 1970. Other than the standard instrumentsdrums, bass, guitars, keyboardsthe band broke out... more

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Blending a mix of narrative lyrics, lush instrumentation and synth-pop flourishes, the To In Our Bedroom After the War ,Today in Milwaukee more

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The stars you’ll be dancing with tonight include Wayne Newton, Sabrina Bryan, Mark B The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep, ,This Week in Milwaukee more

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