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“If I’m a Senate Republican on the committee up for re-election or an Assembly Republican, I don’t want to touch this,” said state Sen. Jon Erpenbach of the Walker administration’s plan to privatize Family Care and IRIS, the state’s long... Read more

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Tucked into the state budget and the Bucks arena deal are long-range plans to diminish the county board’s power specifically and Milwaukee County government generally. The victim, as usual, is clean government. Read more

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Unfortunately, the public didn’t get to participate in Monday’s meeting of the Joint Finance Committee, and only got to hear testimony from hand-selected participants who support the current deal to build a Bucks arena with $377 million of ... Read more

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When Gov. Scott Walker released his 2015-2017 state budget in February, he had hoped to have the state Legislature sign off on it early so that he could spend all of his time campaigning in other states as a Republican presidential contende... Read more

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It’sofficial: Chris Abele is a more radical county executive than Scott Walker. Abeleis succeeding where Walker failed. Abele has conspired with GOP legislators tostrip the Milwaukee County board of pretty much every power they have. Lastn.. Read more

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Have you ever stopped to wonder why so many right-wing Republican governors around the country pursue policies that are creating economic disasters for their own states? You should. Read more

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Sarah Retzlaff

Gov. Scott Walker’s budget proposes to privatize the long-term care system, which would have dire consequences for people with disabilities and the elderly. Read more

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The Joint Finance Committee heard testimony on Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed budget. Many disability advocates and their caregivers sharply criticized Scott Walker’s changes to Family Care and IRIS, saying they would pave the way for privati... Read more

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It’s a glaring exposure of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s true character that he went out of his way to intentionally trash the high-minded principles enshrined in the so-called Wisconsin Idea that has built the University of Wisconsin Syste... Read more

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker wants to cut $300 million from the University of Wisconsin System, historic cuts that dwarf any previously made. UW-Milwaukee will likely lose $40 million over the next two years, equal to the budget for the Luba... Read more

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The NBA has threatened to remove the Bucks franchise from Milwaukee if a new arena is not under construction by 2017. To finance this project, some have proposed using Wisconsin income tax money paid by all professional basketball players w... Read more

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Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s new memoir, Unintimidated, is yet the latest example of his attempt to raise his national profile and run for president in 2016. If you know little about Scott Read more

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Golly, can anybody in this state think of a better way to spend $100 million than trying to buy Wisconsin voters with a 13-buck tip? Read more

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Gov. Scott Walker blew through $160,000 of state taxpayer money while flying on state-owned planes in the first six months of this year. That’s about $100,000 more than he’d spent in the first six months of 2011, when he was flying around t... Read more

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Unwilling to accept Gov. Scott Walker’s refusal to fully expand Medicaid programs at the state level with federal dollars, representatives of 20 Wisconsin counties Read more

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At the urging of leaders in criminal justice and law enforcement throughout the state, Gov. Scott Walker vetoed a Republican attempt to return sleazy bail bondsmen and Read more

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True Republicans believe that local control is best because the closer the decision-makers are to their constituents, the better. Read more

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Arguing that the Republican-authored state budget was so bad it could not be fixed and that the Republican majority would not allow any of their amendments to get a Read more

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“The Vouchers That Ate the State” is Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s summer blockbuster. Only it’s Wisconsin taxpayers who are going to get their blocks busted Read more

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The Assembly has finally begun voting on the statebudget, which offers an income tax break heavily tilted toward the wealthy,expands vouchers statewide, cuts off more than 80,000 people from BadgerCare,borrows close to $1 billion for freeways a.. Read more

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