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Still ran for two nights in the newly opened Urban Harvest Brewery. The opening night audience received the show with all the laughter and engagement this punchy script and production deserved. more


I like to picture actresses trying to convince a panel of judges that they can fly via umbrella, but I know this is far less whimsical than I’m imagining. Should be fun, though. Racine Theatre Guild is looking to cast for this upcoming Decem.. more


It’s a presentation from a directing class: a series of scenes from feature-length plays. This isn’t promotion for anything full length. These are scenes from larger works with cast and directors who have challenged themselves to put togethe.. more


One of the more satisfying musical trends of the last 10 years or so has been the renewed interest in veteran soul artists who never found the fame they deserved the first time around. Sonny Knight is one of the many singers who has been enjoying .. more

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If her narrative is reliable, Mattie Ross must have been a precocious 14-year-old even before her father was shot dead by his hired hand, Tom Chaney. A pigtailed girl on the Western frontier, Mattie is as firm as an oak staff and drives har... more

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When actor Joaquin Phoenix claimed he had quit acting to become a rapper, he and friend Casey Affleck, made a documentary recording Joaquin's efforts to persuade a doubtful press and public. As the film progresses, we must conclude that Joa... more

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Though P. Diddy-signed contemporary R&B singer Janelle Monáe isn’t the first artist most would expect to tour with indie-rockers Of Montreal, it’s an inspired pairing. On her eclectic, widely acclaimed debut full-length more

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To hear Jules Feiffer tell it, he all but had to be talked into writing Backing Into Forward (Talese/Doubleday), one of the most entertaining memoirs you’re likely to read this (or any other) year. The prizewinning cartoonist and playwright... more