Two of the most respected rock artists of their era, Sting and Peter Gabriel, will co-headline the Marcus Amphitheater Sunday, July 10, as part of a large tour planned for this summer. Their "Rock Paper Scissors" tour, which reunites the headlines.. Read more

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Every now and then you run across someone who thinks that their honesty with friends has forced them into solitude. It’s kind of a weird conditionusually I’ve found the people who feel this is the case are insufferably obnoxious people. Quite a .. Read more


Of all the post-counterculture oddities that the film industry created around the time, 1973’s The Sting stands out as one of the more interesting. Set in Depression-era Chicago, this complex heist film catches Roberts Shaw and Redford Read more

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Robert Redford took home a best actor Oscar for his performance in the 1973 crime favorite The Sting, though his co-star Paul Newman gives him a fine run for his money. The two play low-level con men who bite off more than they can chew whe... Read more

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   Fromthe moment the first chords of “Message in a Bottle” sounded While the Brewers were rolling past the Cardinals and taking aim at the Cubs, the Observer ,Concert Reviews Read more

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The Police made major headlines when, after 20 years apart, they announced they were reun Momofuku ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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