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“People in the state feel very damaged by what was done to them after 2010 by Gov. Walker and the tea party people, who sought to divide the people against each other.”—Democratic Senate candidate Russ Feingold Read more

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Perhaps it’s a good thing that the Assembly isn’t going to resume its work until January 2017. The bills it passed last week were a mix of trash, garbage and junk that the Republican majority apparently hopes will appeal to its base right-w... Read more

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In the middle of the night, during a quickly called extraordinary session of the state Legislature, Republican senators passed sweeping changes to the state’s clean elections laws. When they thought no one would be paying attention, from 7:... Read more

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Democrat Dan Riemer has certainly earned the vote of the residents in Assembly District 7 on the southwestern side of Milwaukee, as well as parts of West Milwaukee and West Allis. Riemer is Read more

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It was inevitable that after Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan spent five days cozying up to Mitt Romney... Read more

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