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Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical Theatre’s final offering in Studio G, Kama Sutra (through March 26), taps the Hindu pantheon to explore love, sex and relatedness as they exist both in our time and transcendently. Read more


Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical Theatre’s Kama Sutra, directed by Brian Rott and Jenni Reinke, is described by Rott as being about “the physical and spiritual desires that connect us as humans.” The show runs March 11-26 at Studio G, and i... Read more


Photo Courtesy Ben Becker, Flickr CCAs of Thursday, Jan 28 all members and resident artists atStudio G, located in The Shops of Grand Avenue, have been given 30 days notice to moveout entirely. This is so that the new owners of the .. Read more

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Quasimondo Milwaukee Physical Theatre’s Cofounders Brian Rott and Jessi Miller launch the company’s fourth season with their original piece 'Children of Pac-Men,' a “retro-spectacle on the future. Read more



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I recently had an opportunity to sit down with the three newest additions to the Milwaukee Ballet, Julianne Kepley, Joshua Reynolds and Tanner Schwartz. I asked them how they joined the company. Read more

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