Deeplysatisfying and the epitome of teamwork, canoeing is an activity that you canrelax into at a meditative pace. One can allow for some leisurely drifting whenout on the middle of their destination – or make for a great arm/core workoutif th.. Read more

Off the Beaten Path

In the late ’70s, power pop was the accessible face of new wave music. With roots in the British Invasion and influenced by bands such as Badfinger and Big Star, power pop’s bright melodies and more polished musicianship appealed, in part, ... Read more

Album Reviews

Lori L. Tharps’ Substitute Me follows a story line that appears innocent enough at first: Kate and Brad Carter, a young, 30-something husband and wife living in New York City, hire a full-time nanny to watch their son while they are at work... Read more


Two tribute bands pay homage to two the greatest rock ’n’ roll bands of all t Private Fears in Public Places ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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