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Ruthie answers a question from a reader whose new husband unexpectedly brought up having a threeway. Read more

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A listing of Milwaukee Day activities that run the gamut of everything that the city has to offer. Read more

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Adrienne Pierluissi’s popular Bay View bar, Sugar Maple, presents an art auction to support ongoing hurricane relief for Puerto Rico. Read more

Visual Arts

Unless you were one of the few people talented enough to bea college athlete, it is likely that high school was the last time you competedin a team sport at a high level. While our bodies grow old and worn out, andbusy lives turn trainin.. Read more

Happening Now

To those in theknow, Milwaukee has emerged as a serious center for improvised music. Major voices have recently brought their joyful noise to our fair city and the comingweeks hold more soul-stirring, mind-expanding creative music. Those w.. Read more

Happening Now


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The experimental jazz trio Noh Band pushed their sound to metal-esque extremes for a sold-out show at the Sugar Maple. Read more

Concert Reviews


Flanked by some choice supporting players, Chicago jazz player Ken Vandermark delivered a stirring aural statement. Read more

Concert Reviews

The ideaof program music – music meant to accompany and/or represent a pre-existentnarrative structure or object; for instance, Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at anExhibition,” Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf,” Duke Ellington’s “Monologue .. Read more

Happening Now

Casual Vocals’ Colleen Webb tackles the excitement and anxieties of impending parenthood on her latest record. Read more

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It’s impossibleto say exactly what music you’ll hear at the Sugar Maple on Tuesday, May 24,but it’s sure to stimulate and inspire. This installment of the improvisedmusic series Option Milwaukee features internationally renowned trombonist.. Read more

Happening Now

If you don’t know about Dogfish Head Brewery...I’ll waithere. Go buy some beer, come back, drink it and continue reading. Ahh..ok,ready? Sam Calagione, President and Founder of Dogfish Head Brewery (DHB) islike many of us in the fact that he lo.. Read more


With 60 beers on tap, two firkins, mead, cider and liquor, Sugar Maple (441 E. Lincoln Ave.) is one of the best beer bars in Milwaukee. They also have a great ambiance, music and artwork. Read more



Blues fans arefamiliar with Muddy Water’s 1969 album “Fathers and Sons,” which pairs Muddyand his longtime piano man Otis Span with a younger generation of bluesmen likeMike Bloomfield, who spent his teenage years studying at Muddy’s .. Read more

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Malgorzata Haduch

On Tuesday,October 20, celebrated Dutch band the Ex will be playing at the Sugar Maple inBay View. The gig marks the beginning of their first North American tour since2011. The Ex will be joined at the Sugar Maple, and for the rest of the 10.. Read more

Happening Now

Our mission (and we chose to accept it) was to ask knowledgeable bartenders, bar managers and tavern proprietors what beers or wines or cocktails they’d recommend we try this fall. We set off wit,Fall Drink Guide 2015 Read more

, , Fall Drinks Guide


Once upon a timeI played DJ in the basement of a hotel in Città di Castello, Italy. My audience was an international group ofphilosophers who convene in the scenic city for an annual three-week programcalled the Collegium Phaenomenologic.. Read more

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In a recent OffThe Cuff interview,Hal Rammel waxed optimistic about the future of improvised music in Milwaukee:“There has been an explosion of interest and activity in the past few yearsthat puts Milwaukee on par with Chicago.” June alo.. Read more

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For the seventh year in a row, Okka Fest will bring improvised music and free jazz to Bay View. Read more

Local Music

Milwaukee Beer Week, April 18-25, includes tap takeovers, rare beer tastings, beer dinners and beer sampling at locations all around the city. Read more


Sure, it's painfully cold out, but winter is a beautiful season that offers plenty to do. Check out these 9 ways to make the most of it this year.1. Grab some beers at Sugar MapleEasily home to one of Milwaukee's best beer selections, you'll be su.. Read more

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