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This week on The Disclaimer, WMSE's weekly panel with Ryan Schleicher, Matt Wild and I, we return from a few weeks off to celebrate the best Milwaukee albums of the year. We share some standout tracks from NO/NO, Space Raft, Death Blues, Joseph Hu.. Read more

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With the release of their irresistibly jangly 2012 album Can't Wait , Milwaukee's Sugar Stems cemented themselves as one of the city's finest power-pop bands, and on the group's latest album they've made a good thing even better. The group's new O.. Read more

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Since starting strong with a Black Lips live LP in 2005, Milwaukee label Dusty Medical Records has released a slew of records, many capturing some of the best local punk, garage rock and Read more

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Remember Dusty Medical Records? During the mid-to-late '00s, the Milwaukee label released some of the city's strongest garage/punk/rock records (and quite a few good ones from outside of the city, too), but save for an occasional release, the labe.. Read more

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A self-described “poppy, fun rock ‘n’ roll band,” Sugar Stems will release their second album, Can’t Wait, at a Dec. 21 show at the Cactus Club. They hope it won’t be their last day on earth. Read more

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The retromania of contemporary pop culture permeates music, movies and television. In the last camp are old shows, resuscitated (“rebooted” is the industry buzzterm) for a new audience. They carry name recognition and familiarity from long ru.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

With his 1996 debut Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite , Maxwell helped establish mellow, groove-based neo-soul as a commercially viable alternative to the more dance-based R&B of the time, but after his 2001 album, Now , he willfully Read more

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Latin American culture has grown more prevalent in Milwaukee, yet films from South America are seldom seen on local screens. Now in its 32nd year, UW-Milwaukee’s Latin American Film Series will fill the gap by presenting 10 movies from a ha... Read more

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Some of the most stunning textiles sold across the country are created by hand in a studio on National Avenue. Dermond Peterson Design, created in 2001 by Susan Peterson and her sister Sandra Dermond, adorns the choicest of boutiques and de... Read more

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Port Washington Fish Day @ Port Washington Harbor, 10 a.m. Outsidersare often shocked to learn that Wisconsin claims the world’s largestmusic festiv,None Read more

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Vocalist/guitarist Betsy Borst and harmonizing guitarist Drew Fredrichsen create a charism The Sugar Stems open up for The Dutchess and The Duke at Club Garibaldi on Thursday, July ,Local Music Read more

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