Thursday, May 12 Jam for Jam Music & Camping Festival @ The Concord House, Sullivan Jam for Jamaica is an organization started a decade ago to improve the lives of impoverished Ja,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

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The WisconsinDepartment of Transportation (WisDOT) Southeast Region office in Waukesha willhold a public hearing to discuss the location, design and environmental aspectsof proposed improvements on I-94 between 16th Street and 70th Street inMi.. Read more

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W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan collaborated on no less than fourteen comic operas in the late 19th century. When their first collaboration debuted in 1871, Gilbert was in his mid 30’s Sullivan was in his late 20’s. It may have seemed stra... Read more


Tonight and tomorrow night at 7 p.m., the UWM Union Theatre hosts free screenings of Shape Shape of the Moon ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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