Sunrise is a film thataspires to poetry, not prose. While German director F.W. Murnau ( Nosferatu ) made the movie in Hollywoodwith an American cast, Sunrise owesmore to European filmmaking of the silent era. However, it'.. more

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Can’t blame a guy for trying—for wanting to branch out. The very history of New Orleans jazz is a motive, one of a music traveling up the river, of Louis Armstrong reinventing himself in Chicago and New York more

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Jesse and Celine have been the favorite heartthrobs of the smart set since their youthful romp in Vienna, Before Sunrise (1995). They returned for a romantic afternoon in Paris in Before Sunset (2004). Wrapping his trilogy more

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Without a doubt the most influential of the early rock ’n’ roll figures and the man most responsible for popularizing the genre’s signature guitar sound and 4/4 beat, Chuck Berry penned hits that created the template for The Beatles, more

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