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Several Christmas tours swing through the city, while the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra pays tribute to David Bowie and joins forces with the Celtic Woman vocal quartet. Read more

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In the 18 years that certified childbirth educator and international board-certified lactation consultant Diane Oakland has been facilitating group meetings for new moms, she has noticed a recent resurgence in the number of parents committe... Read more

Dining Preview

What with the economy being the way it is, local theatre companies continue to look for ways to keep afloat. Between grants, subscriptions and single tickets sales, funds can still end up being relatively tight. In the interest of supplementing fu.. Read more


The Bay Players’ Director Raymond Bradford has announced the theatre company’s Spring show . . . it’s a light comedy by Billy St. John centered around a group of seniors in a retirement home. Billy St. John’s 2002 comedy Senior Follies has the kin.. Read more


Some time around Thanksgiving, The Supersuckers will celebrate their 20th anniversary as p Rolling Stone ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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  The Supersuckers are the greatest rock 'n' roll band in the world. It says so right Must've Been High ,Music Feature Read more

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