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With the exception of several ’70s progressive rock bands that caught the ears of prog fans, Italian rock has been a local phenomenon. Italy’s Zucchero has sold millions of discs around the world, and collaborated with the likes of Eric Cla... Read more

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Early in their first headlining date in Milwaukee, The Secret Sisters hit their Tuesday night Turner Hall Ballroom audience with an example of that rarest of country music song forms nowadays: a mu,Concert Reviews Read more

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Jeff Bridges will always be best known as an actor, iconic for his roles in films including The Fischer King, Tron, True Grit and the Coen Brothers’1998 cult comedy The Big Lebowski, where he played the White Russian-sipping Read more

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Against Me, Robert Randolph, Space Raft and more! Read more

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Folksinger Llewyn Davis leans into the dim spotlight shining down onto the stage, playing guitar with homespun eloquence, eyes closed as he sings a ballad that was old before he was born. Llewyn (Oscar Isaac), a modestly popular performer i... Read more

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If the parallels weren't already evident, famed Irish folk band The Chieftains make it perfectly clear on Voice of Ages that Celtic music and U.S. folk, especially in its currently commercially palatable Americana guise, share more than a f... Read more

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The romance of being a bad-to-the-bone rambling man had long since faded into a drab routine for the ’70s-era outlaw country singer called Bad Blake (Jeff Bridges). When we first meet him in CrazyHeart, Blake is 57 and broke; he drinks whiskey l.. Read more

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One of the most prolific and prosperous artists of the twentieth century, surrealist paint Original Lithographs by Marc Chagall ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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Today's game was an exercise in frustration, but as Mealoaf puts it: Read more

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It could be argued that the BoDeans havereached their greatest recording potential on the Daughters of the Dust ,CD Reviews Read more

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Although it’s unlikely Fox will license another BoDeans for a hit program, the homet Still ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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