Tamarine Cornelius

Scott Walker’s tax break for the wealthy, the Manufacturing and Agriculture Credit, is expected to cost the state over $1.4 billion by the middle of 2019. more

Jul 3, 2017 11:39 AM News Features 16 Comments

Gov. Scott Walker’s K-12 budget “moves the state away from the commitment to provide more assistance to districts with less capacity to boost local property tax revenues.” more

Feb 14, 2017 4:05 PM News Features 4 Comments

A new review of policies put in place during Gov. Scott Walker’s term in office shows Wisconsin breaking with longstanding state tradition by cutting taxes for the wealthy more

Aug 12, 2014 5:43 PM Expresso 7 Comments

If you still had any doubt that Republicans were trying to dismantle the state’s public school system—and put the state into debt—the new private school tuition tax credit more

Jun 18, 2013 10:41 PM Expresso

Everyone in Wisconsin deserves the opportunity to succeed if they work hard, but when nearly all the income gains go to a select few, too many Wisconsin families are deprived of their shot at achieving their full economic potential. more

Aug 22, 2017 4:36 PM Expresso 9 Comments