Taming Of The Shrew

Off the Wall Theatre stages a gritty production of Shakespeare’s classic comedy The Taming of the Shrew. Read more


William Shakespeare hasn’t stood still through the centuries. As Bart van Es points out in this engaging essay, his texts are rich enough to bare many sorts of stagings and settings. Prior to Shakespeare, plays were populated by types. He f... Read more


What with how profound a pop cultural impact it had, it’s kind of weird to think that The Honeymooners only ran for only  a few years. The roughly 40 episodes of the series made quite an impression on syndication in the decades after the show’s .. Read more


This summer there are a number of outdoor Shakespeare productions currently running in Wisconsin. In a summer featuring not one, but two different professional outdoor productions of Twelfth Night in the state, a touring production of The Taming.. Read more


Spring Green's American Players Theatre is the dramatic house that William Shakespeare built, but only two of the Bard of Avon's works grace this year's eight-play schedule. The first, The Taming of the Shrew, opened with enough fire to war... Read more


The name of the tour provided a good clue. Anyone looking for a run-through of greatest hits at Neil Young’s “Twisted Road Tour” solo concert Friday at the Riverside Theater was bound to be disappointed. Yet fans who have followed Young& Read more

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Fresh off the heels of their first Bonnaroo performance, and still rolling on the steam from their Fenway Park debut, the unrivaled kings of the jam scene brought the first leg of their summer tour to a dramatic close with two nights of spe... Read more

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Vincent Price was one of the greatest horror actors of all time, yet he made very few genuinely great films. House of Wax is among his finest hours, a campy 1953 genre exercise that is grounded by a surprisingly sympathetic performance from... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

St. Francis hasn’t traditionally been known for its music scene, but since last year, FIXX Coffee House on 3558 E. Sivyer Ave. has quietly been hosting one of the most popular bluegrass open mics in southeastern Wisconsin. Spearheaded by Ja... Read more

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