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State senator Chris Larson makes a case for increasing the budget for education. Read more

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In Horsemen of the Trumpocaylpse: A Field Guide to the Most Dangerous People in America, nationally known Madison journalist Mike Nichols maps out a president bereft of ideas and indebted to far-right money interests and their foot soldiers... Read more


Sen. Ron Johnson opposes the Republican health care reform plan out of purely personal animosity to Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and an attitude of cruelty toward the poorest members of the American public. Read more

Taking Liberties 7 Comments

Republican-led experiments in Kansas, Illinois and here in Wisconsin have shown that massive, irresponsible tax cuts primarily benefitting the wealthy are politically popular—right up to the point where government can no longer deliver basi... Read more

Taking Liberties 7 Comments

Being a politician is no kind of job for someone like Sen. Ron Johnson, who doesn’t want government to accomplish anything for the good of its citizens. Read more

Taking Liberties 7 Comments

Based on actual historical events, the musical drama Parade tells the story of a Jewish factor manager who was convicted of raping and murdering a thirteen-year-old employee in Georgia in 1913. Leo Frank’s story had generated the kind of nat.. Read more


The fact that so many Wisconsin voters know so little about Sen. Ron Johnson is surprising in a state so polarized by recalls and the divisive, extreme policies of Gov. Scott Walker that voter participation and intensity are among the highe... Read more

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This is a guest commentary by Patrick Small.A cornerstone of Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele’sagenda, unmentioned in his carpet-bombing campaign ads, is his zeal forprivatization. In January 2011, Abele told PolitiFactWisconsin that he i.. Read more

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Elm Grove in the middle of winter is not northwestern Louisiana in the late ’80s. This week, Sunset Playhouse brings a little bit of warmth to the stage as it presents Robbert Harling’s 1987 classic Steel Magnolias. Drawn from his experien.. Read more


From time to time we publish commentaryfrom community members. Here’s an analysis of Chris Abele’s re-election campaignfrom county government-observer Pat Small.—lk Complete “truth in advertising” in political campaignsis rare. Nonethele.. Read more

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You would think the wildest dream of a nakedly ambitious politician such as Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan would be to have his fellow Republicans begging him to take one of the nation’s most powerful political positions. Read more

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Surprising no one, Russ Feingold has announced that he’srunning for the U.S. Senate seat he lost to Ron Johnson in the Republican sweepof 2010.I think he’sdefinitely not the underdog in 2016.Feingold hastriumphed in close elections, but th.. Read more

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Renaissance Theatreworks concludes its season with a comedy by the author of Amadeus and Equus . Peter Shaffer’s Lettice and Lovage centers around a tour guide at a sixteenth century historical site. She theatrically embellishes the stories of the.. Read more



When I was performing on an open mic for poetry at the Riverwest’s Cafe Lava Java back in the mid-1990s, I couldn’t have imagined that the space would have turned into a bar with an open mic for comedy 20 years later. Honestly, though, I probably .. Read more


It shouldn’t be necessary to say this since it has absolutely nothing to do with who should be elected governor in November, but all major candidates hire national political consultants to work Read more

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TheMalt Shoppe, a retail store for craft beer lovers, will be opening and 813 N.Mayfair Road in late October. The store plans to offer a wide selection ofcraft, imported and seasonal beers on 30 taps and more than 1,000 packagedvarieties. Spec.. Read more

Happening Now

Much has been said about how stunning Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke’s Democratic primary victory was and how it sets him up to run for any public office Read more

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Seasonedstand-up comic/playwright/spoken word artist Chastity Washington has beenperforming for a couple of decades. The Chicago-based talent returns toMilwaukee early this month with a performance in the intimacy of the studiotheater space a .. Read more


It’s naïve to believe in a golden age when money didn’t matter in politics, but in the last few years, the cost of democracy has skyrocketed, the restrictions on campaign spending have been annulled and the big corporations have removed the... Read more

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