Ted Cruz

WWE wrestling mobs are actually better behaved and its events are far too professionally organized to be torn apart by the nightly disasters of the Republican convention. Read more

Taking Liberties 11 Comments

It’s always amazed me that so many national journalists appear to believe much of what Paul Ryan says when it has so very often turned out to be glaringly untrue. Read more

Taking Liberties 5 Comments

In last week’s elections, the best-financed candidates won, except in some local races that had an organized grassroots effort supporting progressive campaigns. Read more

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Wisconsin won’t be remembered as such a nice turning point in the battle for the nomination if it leads to a nationally televised bloodbath at the Republican convention in Cleveland. Read more

Taking Liberties 5 Comments

So was it good for you?Wisconsin’s election results seem to be a mixed bag, withouta lot of clear messages that I can decipher this morning, without the help offinal, granular numbers. But here goes: GOP voters supportedthe establish.. Read more

Happening Now

Unlike Republicans, Democrats aren’t trying to eat each other alive or wreck each other’s families. Read more

Taking Liberties 31 Comments

None of Donald Trump’s most brazenly offensive views are all that different from those Paul Ryan and other Republicans regularly employ to attract small-minded, mean-spirited voters to their party. Read more

Taking Liberties 9 Comments

Democratic anger and Republican anger are as different as day and night. Read more

Taking Liberties 4 Comments

Reflections on the good and bad of the recent Iowa Caucuses and the Republican presidential candidates from an LGBT point of view. Read more

Hear Me Out

Paul Masterson discusses disturbing recent events in politics related to LGBT rights and highlights Milwaukee’s 37-year-old GAMMA, one of the area’s first organizations for LGBT support and community. Read more

Hear Me Out

Following the second Republican debate, Paul Masterson assesses presidential candidate pool to ascertain the likely favorite of Republican members of the LGBT community. Read more

Hear Me Out

Paul Ryan wasn’t the only member of Wisconsin’s Republican congressional delegation to vote against avoiding default and reopening the government. But Ryan’s vote is the most disappointing Read more

Issue of the Week

America’s great minds of business and finance have reached a consensus on the government shutdown and worse, the prospect of a debt default: While the latter is worse, both are bad Read more

News Features

After years of on-again/off-again recording, the duo Buffalo—the slow-simmering collaboration between Def Harmonic rapper Lunaversol 9 and Decibully/Made of Oak beat-maker Nicholas Sanborn—hopes to issue its inaugural album this winter. Read more

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