New books tells us everything we wanted to know (and more) about one of television's greatest dramas. Read more

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The celebrated Television guitarist covered an impressive amount of ground in a set that only lasted about an hour. Read more

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After the 1983 season proved to be a huge letdown for theBrewers, 1984 was seen as a year of possibility. For the first time in ahalf-decade, an influx of young talent mixed the club’s established veterans. Teamofficials saw the season as a .. Read more

Brew Crew Confidential

“Mystery Science Theater 3000" is now embarking on their first ever tour, where they will stop at the Pabst Theater for a two-show run on Saturday, July 15. We caught up with creator Joel Hodgson, and talked about creating the show for a... Read more

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Two massive new DVD sets collect classic police dramas from the 1960s and ’70s, “The Streets of San Francisco" and “Mannix." Read more

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If there hadn’t been a minor garage-rock revival happening in Chicago a few years ago, NE-HI would probably have helped to create one with the fun blast of its homonymous debut album, released in 2014. Its second album, Offers, buzzes with ... Read more

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J.K. Rowling invented quidditch as a spoof of posh English athletics. In 2005, students at Vermont’s Middlebury College transposed fantasy into reality by devising a ground-based version of the game. The documentary Mudblood: A Film About Q... Read more

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The History Channel will premiere back-to-back episodes ofthe new series “Milwaukee Blacksmith Read more

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Brunch with the Barons, a historical beer event, is comingto Milwaukee’s Forest Home Cemetery on Saturday, June 18.Forest Home Cemetery is the resting place for many ofMilwaukee’s beer barons. Brunch with the Barons brings their lives a.. Read more

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Image via YoutubeMilwaukeePublic Television’s most popular local show Around the Corner with JohnMcGivern premieres its 5th season on Thursday, January 7 at 7:00 p.m. Forfive seasons, Around the Corner with John McGivern has explored 65 to.. Read more

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This week on The Disclaimer, WMSE's weekly half hour of opinions with Ryan Schleicher, Milwaukee Record's Matt Wild and I, we're exploring the Oscars and the Grammys, two big award broadcasts that, in some key respects, are studies in contrast. In.. Read more

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Ted Allen doesn't write about food as much as he used to. The Food Network personality began his career as a restaurant critic and food writer for Chicago and Esquire magazines—he continues to contribute to the latter on occasion... Read more

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Cult comic-book Author Morrison is a fascinating character and the subject of a documentary, Grant Morrison: Talking with Gods . Director Patrick Meaney interviews many of Morrison’s associates, including some of the many artists who Read more

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For his new album Ghost Towns , Denver songwriter and Wisconsin native John Statz took inspiration from the more discouraging sights witnessed while touring America and traveling through foreign locales including Bosnia and Herzegovina Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Oftentimes, non-cable television seems like a throwback to the era of records and rotary phones. But Milwaukee Public Television (MPTV) sidesteps the time warp by staying relevant with progressive and diverse programming.In the 1950s Congre... Read more

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Holly Golightly’s oft-cited credentials—her roots in a semi-seminal garage-rock band, Thee Heatcoats, and her one-time ties to The White Stripes—don’t do justice to the range of records that she makes. Golightly has honed a hyper-n Read more

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It gets increasingly less surprising each time the Bush administration plants an agent pretending to be an independent analyst into the media. This time the con meant giving retired generals who “represent[ed] more than 150 military contractors ei.. Read more

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I’ve caught enough episodes of this season’s contest that I feel comfortable weighing in a bit. My three least favorite “American Idol” hopefuls: Jason Castro – Guys always reserve a special kind of distain for non-conventionally handsome .. Read more

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For some reason when I hear the term environmental architecture it conjures up dour-faced buildings with shaggy grass roofs. It likewise transports me to dimly lit lecture halls full of students watching slides of stick men wantonly perspiring and.. Read more


When Orange County’s Limbeck hit the scene in 2000, they leaned heavily on nondescr To The Trees ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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