With nothing more than light, shadow and the human voice, three actors weave intertwining stories of drama and supernatural horror onstage as Theatre Gigante presents Mark O’Rowe’s Terminus. more



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The three characters are named A, B and C. Each one of them delivers a monologue in rhyme. Each one tells a story that fits in with the other two. Playwright Mark O’Rowe’s Terminus has all the indicators of a really tightly-woven piece that tells .. more


AsSeptember approaches, all the little gaps in the upcoming theater season beginto fill-in. Some time ago, Theatre Gigante announced a couple of showsfor the upxoming season that look interesting.Oct.23 - Nov. 8 Theatre Gigantepresents My Dea.. more


Once again Downtown Milwaukee’s four-day Bastille Days celebration commences with the “Storm the Bastille” 5K run/ walk, and once again the health benefits of all that exercise will be summarily undone for many by copious consumption of more

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On what is literally a solo album, Tom Tesions shows how great songs can stand on their own, naked without the cover of elaborate arrangements or production or even a band. Singing and playing acoustic guitar (along with an occasional shake... more

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