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Picking up where the band Terrior Bute left off, the synth/drums duo (ORB) takes a proggy turn on their new album. more

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Trainwreck has plenty of laughs, but it never quite fulfills its potential.  more

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One of the most savvy things we can do to protect our planet is to expose our children to the wonders of nature. But as we all know, children are spending less time outdoors and more time indoors with their games and gadgets. So how do we encourag.. more

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Wow. For an allegedly self-made multimillionaire plastics manufacturer who worships the free market, Ron Johnson really knows how to use government programs to his advantage. There’s a long list of government programs that have helped J.. more

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Riverwest has long been one of the city’s most diverse and artistically active neighborhoods, with a thriving music scene that flourishes in part because of the neighborhood’s unique makeup, and partly in spite of it. There are certainly pl... more

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Precedents exist for making punk rock out of synthesizers, but recent history hasn't produced many albums worth hearing. Milwaukee synth-punk trio Terrior Bute bucks the trend, though, with a sophomore disc that is worth a listen for its ut... more

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Although attendance was up at this year's South by Southwest music conference, ticket sale City Pages ,Cover Story more

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There's a lot of room for accidents in Terrior Bute's sound.For the Milwaukee group's outdoor performance in front of a vegan-friendlygreasy spoon in Austin yesterday, their spastic synth-pop was accented bystatic, feedback and loud, uncontro.. more

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Thesubgenres of acid house and ambient electronica have produced sonic wallpaperby the y The Dream ,CD Reviews more

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All grinding guitars, discount-Casio beats, disorganized clatter, disembodied blips and nasally call-and-response shouts, Los Angeles' The Mae Shi revel in their art school obnoxiousness, spinning it against the odds into hooky gold. Rising stars... more

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