In a bleak world ravaged by war and natural disaster, it’s up to the next generation of young leaders to piece society back together. The Testing, the first novel in a new young adult trilogy by author Joelle Charbonneau Read more


Are taxpayers reallygetting their bang for their buck when it comes to funding school vouchers? The short answer fromthe Forward Institute is no. The new, progressivepublic policy research organization released its comprehensive report toda.. Read more

Happening Now

The Ryan Braun case raises plenty of questions about the rules of baseball, all right, just not the one sportswriters... Read more

Taking Liberties 11 Comments

In 1977, a musical adaptation of Harold Gray's comic strip about abright-eyed (but pupil-less) orphan debuted on Broadway and became aninstant hit with audiences looking for a dose of optimism in the face ofa nasty recession. Annie won seve... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

The Preservation Hall Jazz Band have cemented themselves asthe torchbearers of the Big Ea The Lion King ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

Today in Milwaukee