Thai Bar-B-Que


A list for the everyman, for the family, for midweek, for those who prefer steak tacos to steak houses. more

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Pho is the perfect meal for a cold, Milwaukee winterevening. The rice noodles, mixed with fresh herbs, garnishes and thinly slicedbeef, chicken or whatever protein source you prefer, all sitting in a warm broth,can brighten up even the bleak.. more

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Rachel Buth

A familiar fixture in the Silver City neighborhood on Milwaukee’s South Side, Thai Bar-B-Que Restaurant has continued to serve traditional Thai cuisine from its modest location since opening in 2006. more

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The melding of cultures can come by commercial force or more natural means. Shopping mall food courts illustrate the impulse to offer consumers international variety at a mostly middling level. But for a fascinating, organic mingling of eth... more

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Thai Bar-B-Que is one of the best Thai restaurants in the area, with a menu featuring items from Issan and Laos. Issan, also spelled Isan, is the northeast region of Thailand, adjacent to the border of Laos. Issan is known for serving the ... more

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