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Milwaukee Opera Theatre and Theater RED present A Chorus Line; William Shakespeare’s immortal Romeo and Juliet comes to SummerStage in Delafield; and SueMo Dance Company explores what it means to self-identify in a performance at Danceworks... more

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A new play written in Shakespearean verse by Chicago playwright Jared McDaris, called Wayward Women, is playing at the Alchemist Theatre. more


Ruthie answers a question from a reader wondering if she’s the bitch or all the people around her. Exciting upcoming events include Theater RED’s The Wayward Women at the Alchemist Theatre, Bastille Days in Cathedral Square and a Makers Mar... more

Dear Ruthie

18th century pirate Anne Bonny continues to be quite popular hundreds of years after she is said to have sailed under the Jolly Roger. She even makes an appearance in the fifth Assassin’s Creed game by Ubisoft. The latest honor for the legendary.. more


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Leslye Headland’s dark contemporary comedy Bachelorette doesn’t deserve the cast that Theater RED has assembled for it. The comedy about a group of people meeting on the evening before a wedding is not without its tender intricacy and inti.. more


This could get confusing for the general public: Bachelorette is best-known as a “reality” series for flat, glowing screens. This coming March, Theater RED will be staging a live Bachelorette --a dark comedy by by Leslye Headland. The .. more


The play is the fourth in her Edwin Booth Play Cycle, Angela Iannone’s The Seeds of Banquo chronicles the great American actor’s 1870 production of Macbeth. Despite its tragic subject matter, the script is never heavy handed and humorous mo... more


The thought of another Halloween staging of Dracula  isn’t exactly an exciting one. The story has been exposed to death and un-death and death again onstage countless times over the years. What’s really interesting about Theater RED’s prod.. more


Viola is shipwrecked without a rehearsal as Theater RED presents a staging of Shakespeare’s The Twelfth Night performed entirely without rehearsals. The show will be staged for one night only. With no rehearsals and only one performance, t.. more


The big view of history can be ugly. To many, the name Edwin Booth sounds vaguely familiar. His brother John Wilkes Booth is better known. Both were actors. One assassinated Abraham Lincoln. The other was...Edwin Booth. Those who know the history .. more


Playwright/actress Liz Shipe deftly juggles action, comedy and drama with her latest. A Lady in Waiting relates a variation on the Robin Hood legend told from the perspective of a capable, independent Maid Marian and her companion, Aria more


If you’re anything like me (and for your sake, I hope you’re not!), then you’re not quite ready to give up on LGBT pride-related events this summer. The good news is more

Hear Me Out

TheaterRED recently announced that it will be producing thelatest by Milwaukee playwright Liz Shipe. Shipe’s Sherlock Holmes plays at theBrumder Mansion were critical and commercial hits. Shipe’s work is very sharpand very commercially appeali.. more


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A great restaurant becomes special when it provides the ideal setting for a variety of occasions—a romantic date, a casual get-together with friends, a fancy night out or a celebration with family. At Sala da Pranzo, that variety continues ... more

Best of Milwaukee 2010

The rock of Milwaukee group 2MorroW EvR AfteR resides somewhere on the blurry line separating ’70s glam pop and harder, hairier ’80s glam metal, as guitarist Stacy Maloney and his mates straddle the styles of The Sweet and Guns N’ Roses. more

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Headlining Bay View’s Chill on the Hill concert series tonight are the 5 Card Studs, a kitschy, Las Vegas-styled revue that performs over-the-top, swinging covers of pop and rock songs. They put a particular emphasis on the AM Gold hits more

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While most rock artists of the 1960s faded to mediocre long ago, Richard Thompson remains vital. A batch of new songs recorded on tour, Dream Attic recapitulates many familiar elements of his sound without succumbing to redundancy. Echoes o... more

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Milwaukee's multicultural funk/disco/rock quintet China Shop Matador revisits the post-punk dance proffered by early ’80s New York City labels such as 99 and ZE, with a healthy appreciation for the edgier accessibility of Prince and more

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Who knew Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s campaign for governor would turn into a search for Wisconsin’s top chef?What our political candidates have for lunch rarely becomes a campaign issue. As long as they consume enough of the b... more

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