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In junior high school I remember taking a literature course that asked the class to, among other things, compare and contrast Charlotte’s Web and A Day No Pigs Would Die . Years later, the two are more or less fused in my mind. It always amazes me.. more


  The final installment of the ridiculously expensive film adaptation of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia series will be in multiplexes around the globe shortly. The visuals are impressive. Some of the acting is quite good. There is a very personal edge of t.. more


Coco is already the rebel girl in the opening scene of Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky as she cuts open her confining corset with scissors and then daringly smokes a cigarette. The year is 1913, and culture buffs will know what’s coming when ... more

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Themain bar/dining room at Stonefly Brewing is a casual spot. The barcurves a bit and most of the tables are high-tops, with the exceptionof a few lipstick-red booths grouped near the front windows. T,Dining Out more

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