Thelonious Monk

Jack Grassel and Garrett Waite plan a concert full of surprise and improvisation. Read more

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These 1960 recordings from European concert halls by Miles Davis’ quintet documents not only John Coltrane’s final outing with Davis but his last gigs as a sideman. Read more

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Thelonious Monk’s Les Liaisons Dangereuses was recorded for the 1960 French film of that name and somehow slipped through the cracks of history. Monk was at a peak during the session, conjuring memories of the blues and turning jazz into Cu... Read more

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Photo by PamelaLittky

A busy week brings Bryan Cranston, Brand New, Widespread Panic and Tegan and Sara through town. Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

Miles Davis enjoyed a long tenure with the annual Newport Jazz Festival. At Newport 1955-1975: The Bootleg Series Vol. 4 collects performances from that event. Read more

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Right from the opening blast of horns and stealthy walking bass on Still Out to Lunch! Russ Johnson transports listeners to modern jazz at its peak, Eric Dolphy’s 1964 Out to Lunch. Read more

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Bryan Mir

With his jazz group Dreamland, Jamie Breiwick considers Thelonious Monk from all angles. Read more

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