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Milwaukee County Parks’ officials abruptly announced they would not renew the popular market’s lease in March without consulting with market staff. more

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Despite Milwaukee County’s long-standing Anti-Secrecy Policy, County Executive Chris Abele and his administrators often operate in the shadows; indeed, four county committees addressing parks issues, convened since 2016 by Abele or his ... more

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Despite its popularity, organizers of the Milwaukee’s Winter Farmers Market at the Mitchell Park Domes Annex were abruptly informed last month that the market’s lease would not be renewed at the domes annex. more

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The Shepherd Express announces its political endorsements for the Tuesday, April 3, Wisconsin elections. more

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Last week’s meeting at the Mitchell Park Domes about parking meters in Milwaukee County parks revealed an overwhelming rejection of County Executive Chris Abele’s plan to impose another “revenue stream.” more

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Milwaukee County plans to install parking meters in many of its landmark parks, raising questions about public access as well as the need to raise revenue to maintain the park system. more

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County Executive Chris Abele used his family money to win three elections, and he is now using his family’s money to launch a war against some of Milwaukee’s most respected elected officials. His line of fake news consists of half-truths an... more

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Pending court cases and a new deadline of Dec. 31 could force Milwaukee County to jumpstart its solution to this years-long battle over fixing the Estabrook Dam and reinstating a lake within the Milwaukee River or pulling it out of the wate... more

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It was standing room only at the Mitchell Park Domes’ greenhouse annex last Wednesday as Milwaukee County residents offered their concerns about the temporarily shuttered local landmark. But there was one obvious no-show who should have bee... more

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Two recent moves have added fuel to the rumors that airport privatization may be in the works again—the hiring of Ismael “Izzy” Bonilla as the airport director and a new state statute that could give Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abel... more

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In a departure from his predecessors’ examples, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele has not appeared before the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors to answer their detailed questions about his proposed budget for 2016. more

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Republicans in the state Legislature gave Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele unprecedented power when they enacted Act 14 in 2013, which stripped away much of the board’s power and concentrated it in the hands of Abele. Now, the board i... more

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Milwaukee County Supervisor Theodore Lipscomb was elected chair of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors in July and comes into power at a unique time in Milwaukee County history. more

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Over the holiday weekend, as the public was preoccupied with the Fourth of July festivities and an all-out Republican attack on the state’s open records law, few realized that Milwaukee County was turned into Chris Abele’s private playgroun... more

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Milwaukee County Supervisors questioned Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele’s commitment to implementing the 2015 budget. The 2015 budget provides for 25 new sheriffs deputies but the Abele administration is only allowing five deputies t... more

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In April 2014, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele sent a letter to more than 200 Milwaukee County retirees warning them that their pension payments weren’t valid and that he would take back any money they’ve been overpaid. Now, Abele is... more

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The residents of the near North Side of Milwaukee have the opportunity to support an energetic, progressive candidate to the Milwaukee Common Council—Eyon Biddle. This special election will more

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