The Thin Man

Daddy's Home, Murder on the Orient Express, Roman J. Israel, Esq., The Thin Man. Read more

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Longtime Wisconsin Sen. Herb Kohl will announce within minutes that he won't run for re-election in 2012. That, of course, piles on even more political chaos in a state that's been badly shaken in recent months. Kohl, while never the most lim.. Read more

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1934’s The Thin Man proved so popular with moviegoers that it spawned five sequels. Consensus has it that the first was the best, a fast-paced comic mystery that introduced us to the upscale married couple that pounds martinis and effortles... Read more

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In 1956, five years before he died following decades of bad health-fostered by even more d The Thin Man. The five novels were produced in an extraordinary burst of creativity from 1 ,Books Read more