The Third Reich

Abraham Joshua Heschel continued to publish scholarly monographs and essays in Jewish publications in the first years of the Third Reich, and great surprise in most of the writings collected here is that they exist at all. Read more


Local improv comedy veteran Lee Rowley and fellow improv comic Rick Katschke have performed onstage together quite a few times over the years. They do long form stuff that seems to have a  tendency to get kind of complicated. It also has a strange.. Read more


In the preface to his Army of Evil: A History of the SS (NAL Caliber), Adrian Weale points out that there seems “to be an increasing disconnection between what the organization was and how it is now portrayed Read more


David Luhrssen's Hammer of the Gods: The Thule Society and the Birth of Nazism (Potomac Books) evaluates a little-examined element of Nazism and does so with historical accuracy and insightful revelation. The Thule Society was a Munich... Read more


Wayne Biddle’s beautifully written account asksthose questions, but his answers are Dark ,Books Read more

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