Thomas Vinterberg

 Charges ofchild abuse, a crime that once festered in the shadows, have becomecommonplace. Not just Roman Catholic priests, but Protestant pastors, publicschool teachers and swimming pool attendants have been implicated. But in theface.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

The gray-green color palette of Submarino, and the pale sunlight of its Northern European setting, enhances the film's dark yet wanly hopeful emotional tone. The latest film from Danish director Thomas Vinterberg, who co-founded the much-discus.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Playwright Adam Rapp earned a lot of acclaim (including a 2006 Pulitzer Prize) and a bit of controversy for his risqué drama Red Light Winter, the story of two young, American guys who share a window prostitute in Amsterdam in an attempt to... Read more

Today in Milwaukee

Twenty years is an impressive anniversary for any local business, but its especially remar This is Spinal Tap ,Music Feature Read more

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