The plot is intricate and hard to believe but the story is elevated by its stars, Mirren and Ian McKellen. Read more

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When one of Rhoda’s classmates drowns, her family’s worst fears are confirmed. This thriller is Waukesha Civic Theatre’s Halloween must-see. Read more


Award-winning journalist Jeffrey Perso will discuss his debut satirical mystery, Water Bodies, June 14 at Woodland Pattern and June 21 at Voyageur Book Shop. Read more


A lonely, helpful woman turns psycho in this edge-of-your seat thriller. Read more

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Couramiaud -Laurent Lufroy and F

Hedonism turns into mayhem as a party goes out of bounds. Read more

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In The Commuter, Liam Neeson and director Jaume Collet-Serra return for an action-thriller laced with paranoia and social anxiety. Read more

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Rams, a prize-winning Icelandic film, concerns two elderly brothers, sheep farmers who haven’t exchanged a word in years. Although billed as a deadpan comedy, the humor is seldom apparent. The film works instead as a laconic observation of ... Read more

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The idea of a War Crimes Bureau in Nazi Germany sounds like a very bad joke, but in fact there was one. It was run by conservative but Nazi-despising Prussian judges dedicated to the principle, upheld by the Geneva Convention, that there wa... Read more


Tragically, shootings in small town America have become all too frequent. Author Thomas Maltman chronicles one community’s reaction to a deadly shooting in his new book Little Wolves. This meditation on violence centers Read more


Koren Black's white, sterile set comes to a sharp point. In a way, it serves as the title character in the U.S. premiere of John Goodrum's The Nightmare Room, a satisfying thriller that opens the season for... Read more


Originally formed as a backing band for the Easy Star label's reggae artists, the All-Stars are best known for Dub Side of the Moon, a reggae version of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, which has been on the reggae... Read more

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Bourne without Jason Bourne? It sounds like a Bond movie without James Bond or a Sherlock Holmes... Read more

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Sean Chercover, author of the Chicago-based thrillers Big City, Bad Blood and Trigger City, brings readers a new crime drama that mixes mystery and intrigue with unpredictable twists and fascinating plotlines. The Trinity Game, full of hear... Read more


Witchcraft, war, murder and romance abound in The Orphanmaster, the debut novel by Jean Zimmerman. Set in 1663 New Amsterdam (present-day Manhattan), The Orphanmaster tells the story of orphaned Blandine van Couvering... Read more


Taut tales of stealthy undercover agents from the Civil War through the Cold War have provided... Read more

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Beginning in the 1960s, high-end British television productions began finding an audience in the U.S. through the medium of “Masterpiece Theatre” and other PBS programs. Most of them were adapted from literary sources, whether acknowledged classi.. Read more

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Alfred Hitchcock tapped a can’t-miss muse for his 1956 thriller The Man Who Knew To The Man Who Knew Too Much ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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