Ti West

Far superior to most “fakumentaries,” Sacrament follows the crew of an “edgy” Internet TV channel as they make a documentary on a sect that moved from the U.S. to a remote jungle. Inspired by the real-life Peoples Temple, director Ti ... Read more

Home Movies

<p> A hotel dating from the Victorian Age is closing and a pair of GenY employees, Claire and Luke, is left to turn out the lights on the final weekend. Luke, an Internet nerd, and Clair, a perky girl with asthma, are half-seriously conducting pa.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

One of the signal images of the ‘80s was the attractive young woman, clutching a kitchen knife as she slowly steps into a dark room of horror. The House of the Devil revisits those years in a story about a cute college girl, Samantha (Jocelin Do.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

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Has there ever been a subgenre of alternative rock more proudly stagnant than shoegaze? Th Loveless ,Today in Milwaukee Read more

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