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Packy the Elephant has been preparing for another season of kids’ shows with Racine Children’s Theatre. The fuzzy grey elephant host welcomes the first new guests in just a couple of weeks as Racine Children’s Theatre presents its production.. more


There’s still work being done on the area around Whitefish Bay’s high school auditorium. Thankfully, it was quite warm and cozy anyway for last night’s pick-up rehearsal of Bay Players’ production of The Butler Did It. The comic Tim Kelly murder.. more


   A group of detective mystery writers are invited to a murder-mystery party where they are all instructed to show-up as their favorite characters. The staged death is soon accompanied by an actual murder and the story progresses as a group.. more


In the midst of a tough election season in which the conservative Tea Parties are the media’s darlings, progressives in Wisconsin are meeting on Sept. 11 at Fighting Bob Fest in Baraboo to network and brainstorm about the most pressing issu... more

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The Rolling Stones were named after a song by bluesman Muddy Waters, who also inspired the Yardbirds. It's well known that blues music formed one of the main roots of rock 'n' roll, but the connection has rarely been covered in contemporary... more

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In the opening of Next ActTheatre's production of The Pavilion by Craig Wright, actress An The Pavilion ,Theater more

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