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Milwaukee’s Light Music offer an electronic-rock album with a vast scope with their debut, Ocean’s Daughter. Read more

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The Rock County Folk Symposium is celebrating its fifth anniversary in August,but you can be forgiven if you’ve never heard of it before. Until now theJanesville-area music festival has been a fairly small affair, hosted on aprivate farm that c.. Read more

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Looking for another Volcano Choir fix after this weekend's rapturously received show? This might help. The band has selected the dreamy electro-soul track "Comrade" as the second single from their magnificent new album Repave , and in conjunction .. Read more

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A monthly showcase for ambitious electronic music that places a high premium on cerebral sounds and boundary pushing, M.E.L.T. is a perfect fit for WMSE's eclectic Radio Summer Camp festival. Reflective of the station's crusade to bring non... Read more

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D.I.Y. all-ages venues in Milwaukee have a woefully short life expectancy, so even the most optimistic supporters of the Walker’s Point nonprofit arts space the Borg Ward probably would have doubted that the venue would still be running Read more

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Directing a quality show on a small scale requires a balancing act. For many local theater directors, the biggest challenge comes in knowing the best way to make use of limited resources. With Soulstice Theatre’s production of Robert Harlin... Read more


As part of its ongoing Thursday Conservatory Nights series, Helen Bader Hall evokes the early 1900s tonight, hosting a candle-lit, cabaret-styled performance from the Florentine Opera Studio. The company will be revisiting popular European ... Read more

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Though booked at an unglamorous 7 p.m. SXSW slot, the Collections of Colonies of Bees sister band All Tiny Creatures nonetheless played their amorphous, digitalized instrumentals to a full room. The band is on to something good. Instumental post.. Read more

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Milwaukee County voters will find three candidates for Circuit Court Branch 15 on the Feb. 17 primary ballot: Ronald Dague, Daniel Gabler and J.D. Watts. They appeared at a Feb. 4 Milwaukee Bar Association forum to explain why they should succeed .. Read more

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It’s hard to think of a more logical group to celebrate Christmas with than The Celebrated Workingman, the hard-gigging Milwaukee indie-rock band whose default setting is “merry” even without the holidays. True to form, for their “Cactmas” perform.. Read more

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A goodelectronica show seems harder and harder to find these days, especially in Milwaukee’s cover-heavylocal bar scene. Competing for audiences against old house and techno standbysis a new kind of cerebral, “dance-in-place” music tailor made fo... Read more

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Definition of the Week ,The New Economy Read more

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