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Todd Lazarski has been a contributing writer at the Shepherd Express since 2004. He has written for Paste, Eater, Offbeat, and Time Out New York. His first novel, Make the Road by Walking, was published by Red Giant Books in 2016. A second novel, Spend It All, is forthcoming. 

We set out to trace Milwaukee’s tributes to an overwrought, yes, overdone, certainly, but still most distinct, singularly experiential meal. Read more

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There’s a reason chefs, foodies, fans, all of us, really, can’t help themselves with Bourdain. And the desire feels even deeper still with writers. Read more


Salsa is a Mexican restaurant's soul in microcosm, an instant indicator of quality and potential, the synopsis and the trailer. Read more

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These are not exactly your grandmother’s bowl of soup, but any can offer a sipping spoonful act to make her proud. Read more

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Milwaukee’s best grown up takes on the simplest, most childish of caloric releases. Read more

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A list for the everyman, for the family, for midweek, for those who prefer steak tacos to steak houses. Read more

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San Giorgio, the new, next-door opening by the owners of Calderone Club offers “Vera Pizza Napoletana." Read more

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At first glimpse El Tsunami (2001 W. Lincoln Ave.) is another of a piece in the unknowable strip of the greasy calorie corridor that is Lincoln Avenue. Read more

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Todd Lazarski writes about the meaning of after work pickup basketball games and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Read more

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Todd Lazarski shares his picks for the six best ethnic food neighborhoods in Milwaukee. Read more


Todd Lazarski shares five great places to eat pastor tacos in Milwaukee. Read more

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Todd Lazarski shares his top things to eat at Bay View hot spot Vanguard. Read more


Red Light Ramen is the high quality comfort food sister restaurant to chef Justin Carlisle's award-winning Ardent. Read more

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Stallis. Westallica. Whatever your preferred handle for our Liberace-yielding neighbors to the left, it’s hard to broach the blue-collar burg of West Allis without invoking a smirking air of,Dining Out Read more

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At a certain point of development in nascent Milwaukeean adulthood, there comes, for many of us, a Pizza Shuttle moment of clarity. Its most often stumbled upon while drinking, maybe over-drinking, wh,Dining Out Read more

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Todd Lazarski discusses nine of Milwaukee’s best Bloody Marys at Sobelman’s Pub and Grill, Engine Company 3, County Clare Inn & Pub, Buckley’s Restaurant & Bar, Café Centraal, Café Hollander, Café Barvaria, Café Benelux, Rustico, Oscar’s Pu... Read more

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Nothing can replace lovingly prepared, homemade Christmas tamales. But these five spots come close. Read more

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From Vanguard to Oscar's to Kopp's, here are six of Milwaukee's best burgers. Read more

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Whenever somebody asks us to dinner at Coerper’s – or Jackson Grill or Eddie Martini’s or any of the dry-aging and “how-would-you-like-that-cooked”? gaggle for that matter – the ins,Dining Out Read more

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Courtesy of the Extra Crispy Brass Band

New album by Milwaukee’s Extra Crispy Brass Band, which replicates the sound of New Orleans street bands. Read more

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