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As Old Earth, Milwaukee songwriter Todd Umhoefer has released more than a dozen albums and EPs of spindly, restless folk, almost all of them recorded at different locations or with different lineups, yet each somehow a continuation of the last.The.. Read more

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Milwaukee songwriter Todd Umhoefer relocated to California last year, but he didn’t let the move interrupt his Old Earth project, which has carried on in the new locale with a new cast of collaborators. This week he released his latest offering, ….. Read more

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Oneof Milwaukee’s most visionary songwriters moved to California last month: ToddUmhoefer,  the lone constant behind the experimental folk project Old Earth. Considering the role that collaboration has played in Old Earth's recording process, th.. Read more

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For Old Earth’s Todd Umhoefer, songwriting is a long, continuous process. By Umhoefer’s estimate, he spends some 45 or 50 hours a week playing guitar, tinkering Read more

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In music, few words are as loaded with connotationsas the term “experimental.” The word is typically used to signify music that’sdifficult or unusual, but beyond that, it has come to imply a certainpacing as well. When we think of experiment.. Read more

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Field Report\'s <a href=\"/article-19699-field-reports-moment.html\">self-titled debut</a> is this week\'s big local releaseand judging by the interest the record has already received from seemingly every major music publication, it\'s looking lik.. Read more

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The Decemberists are a seasonal band. That's not to say they're suited to only one particular season, but that their songs are rife with divergent climates. It was fitting, then, that their sold-out show Saturday at the Riverside Theater ca... Read more

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Tonight’s concert from Collections of Colonies of Bees is of particular significance to the Milwaukee instrumental post-rock band: It will be their last local show with founding drummer Jon Mueller, who is leaving the group at the end Read more

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“I have an idea for a paradoxical theme album called Untitled, on which all the songs are called ‘Untitled,’” Stephin Merritt tells me. I have no idea whether he is kidding, but that’s nothing new. I never have any idea wheth Read more

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