Tom Bamberger

The Museum of Wisconsin Art hosts a major exhibition called “Hyperphotographic" which shows now through May 21. It contains often similarly themed photographs by Tom Bamberger, who has donated 400 of his prints to the museum. Read more

Visual Arts

Through March 19, the Portrait Society Gallery features “A Person is a Noun” featuring photography by Tom Bamberger and Lois Bielefeld, as well as a vido and sound installation by Ted Brusubardis. This exploration of contemporary portrai... Read more

Visual Arts


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Wild Space DanceCompany is traveling to New York City with its new show, Carried Away , an experimental, site-specific piece consisting ofdance by Artistic Director Debra Loewen, film from Milwaukee visual artistsJake Fuller and Tom Bamberger a.. Read more

Happening Now

This week on The Disclaimer, WMSE's weekly crosstalk with Ryan Schleicher, Matt Wild and I, we're celebrating a rare victory for critics. After the Milwaukee Art Museum revealed the design for its proposed addition last month, critics including Ur.. Read more

On Music

There was so much to consider during “Sight Readings,” Debra Loewen’s new site-specific dance performance at INOVA Gallery, that the hour-long experience Read more

Classical Music

How do we behave in an art gallery? Do we experience visual art differently than performance? What turns movement into dance? In Debra Loewen’s new site-specific performance at INOVA, a limited number Read more


Erica Janik sees Wisconsin with the eyes of a stranger who came to stay. Raised in Washington State, she looks past the homogenization that has increasingly afflicted Wisconsin and all of America to see those things that make us distinct. S... Read more


After reading David Kirby’s Little Richard: The Birth of Rock ’n’ Roll (Continuum), it’s clear that Little Richard is in need of a quality biography. The only other book, Charles White’s The Life and Times of Little Richard, Read more

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Some of you may have read the newsletter circulated by the marketing department of the BreakWater condos near N. Prospect in response to a recent article by Milwaukee Magazine architecture critic Tom Bamberger that discusses the new development.L.. Read more


Earlier this week, more than a hundred thousand South Koreans demonstrated against newly elected president Lee Myung-bak, as his entire cabinet offered to resign. At the root of this massive protest was not a declaration of war against Nort... Read more

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