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The Circle, adapted from Dave Eggers’ 2013 novel, is a sci-fi thriller that echoes George Orwell’s 1984.In How to Be a Latin Lover, Latin gigolo Maximo (Eugenio Derbez), who has grown flabby and lazy over the years, must adapt to his new li... more

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Tom Hanks portrays Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon in the third film adapted from the Don Brown series of novels. Inferno is slavishly faithful to its source, brimming with stunning visuals and incoherent plot lines. more

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Tothe public he was a hero but the “experts” began to second-guess hissplit-second decision. Starring Tom Hanks as the pilot who saved his passengersand crew when he brought a crippled airliner down on the Hudson River, S.. more

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In Bridge of Spies, Director Steven Spielberg and his screenwriters invented within the confines of their source book, Strangers on a Bridge, in which an American insurance lawyer recounts his role in negotiating a U2 pilot’s release in exc... more

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Set between 1957 and 1962 and based on a true story, Bridge of Spies casts Tom Hanks as insurance lawyer James B. Donovan. He agrees to defend Russian spy Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance) and persuades the court to spare Abel’s life in case he’ll... more

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I don’t call my picks of the year the “best,” but I do play favorites. To any critic compiling a “best-of” list, I demand: define “best.” Most can’t define anything at all, including their criteria for choosing the year’s top movie... more

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 It’s easy to forget that the guy under the graying beard in Captain Phillips is Tom Hanks. Drainedof his everyman smirk, that ironic shrug suggesting that he’s having a goodtime being a Hollywood star, Hanks disappears e.. more

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Captain Phillips is based on the true story of an American captain whose freighter is hijacked by Somali pirates. It’s 2009 when Richard Phillips (Tom Hanks) is at the helm of an enormous container ship headed for Kenya. He spots a pair of ... more

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Tom Tykwer and the Wachowski siblings were the hottest things in cinema at the end of the last century. Tykwer’s Run Lola Run was an adrenaline-pounding indie breakout and the Wachowskis’ The Matrix is still being... more

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Renaissance Theaterworks opens its season with Tanya Saracho's engrossing comedy Enfrascada. It's a contemporary story of friendship between four women set in and around Chicago... more

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Penny Marshall’s 1988 film Big was a huge success for everyone involved. Beginning next week, First Stage Children’s Theater looks to find similarly “big” success with the little ones... more

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Every summer Hollywood releases at least one major motion picture for grown-ups. This year's contender, Larry Crowne, sports all-star casting with the always agreeable... more

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Like video games, rap and rock ’n’ roll, comic books were once the object of moral panic and scrutiny from congressional committees and public watchdogs. The genuinely concerned and the professional busybodies weren’t worried about &ldqu more

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Milwaukee singer-songwriter Chris DeMay spent the bulk of the decade with the Chicago/Milwaukee alt-country outfit West of Rome, which recorded with Wilco visionary Jay Bennett, Juniper Tar more

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Although no one noticed at the time, the world was changed one night in 1980. The geopolitical balance began to shift when Charles Wilson, a wily if undistinguished Congressman from Texas, looked up from his hot tub in a Las Vegas suite, where he.. more

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December 13, 2007 Theversion of Genesis that recently wrapped up a North American Laurin Fedora—is that your real name? ,Concert Reviews more

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