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Frank Sinatra was still in his peakyears, a couple decades before time began to collect its inevitable chargesagainst his voice, at his 1962 concert in the Royal Festival Hall. Royalty waspresent, but all eyes were on the perf.. Read more

I Hate Hollywood

Off the Wall Theatre's production of the Tom Jones/Harvey Schmidt musical Roadside is given the strange position of trying to cram the vastness of the Old West onto one of the smallest stages in town. Despite there being no real reason why ... Read more


As the father of a talented four month old girl, I can’t wait to introduce her to the stage. The First Stage Children’s Theatre is a great opportunity to give kids a chance to develop an understanding of performance firsthand, but Sunset Playhou.. Read more


In a career spanning more than half a century, Milwaukee’s Richard Eliot has played guitar on recordings by Elvis Presley and Perry Como, Patti Page and Harry James. He went on tour with Sammy Davis Jr. and Shirley MacLaine. And during his ... Read more

Local Music

Tom Jones' latest record, Praise & Blame, is tellingly being released through Lost Highway, the country label for which Johnny Cash recorded his late-life American albums, and it's every bit as streamlined as those Cash records, stripping Jones of.. Read more

On Music

It’s not the type of moment that brings Emmy voters to tears, but by the standards of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” it was pretty touching: In the final episode, Will Smith joins Carlton in dancing to his nerdy cousin’s favorite s Read more

Today in Milwaukee

2009 ComedySportz World Championship @ ComedySportz, 7 p.m. Itsounds like the setup to a bad joke—and no doubt it will prompt afew—but this afternoon at 1 p.m.,This Week in Milwaukee Read more

This Week in Milwaukee

With President Barack Obama’s signature affixed to the economic stimulus bill, his landmark victory can be put in proper political context. ,None Read more

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