Tom Waits

Tom Waits’ music has always had an affinity with the romance of jazz. New York trumpeter Aaron Shragge and his band, Innocent When You Dream, explore those jazz connections with their album of Waits’ songs, Dirt in the Ground. more

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An eclectic trio of Milwaukee folk acts paid tribute to Tom Waits at a spirited fundraiser at The Coffee House. more

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It's a tragedy written in raspy shadow with the overwhelming weight of very human characterization. Tragic beauty spills out over graceful movements and silences between music of infectious mood and exaggerated sound effects. Theatre Gigante.. more

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On Raise Your Hands! Sam Butler puts his own bluesy spin on spiritual-leaning songs by secular artists like Bruce Springsteen, Tom Waits and U2. Butler and his three-piece band capture the spirit of the originals while creating something en... more

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 Tapedfor a Cinemax broadcast in 1988, “Black & White Night” featured Roy Orbisonand an all-star band in what proved to be the singer’s final concert. Reissuednow on DVD, “Black & White Night” has endured as one of t.. more

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 SolomonBurke was a pioneering soul man when he signed with Atlantic Records in 1960.By the time he played the Montreux Festival 46 years later, he had settled intobeing a showman. The new concert DVD, Live at Montreux 2006 , finds Burke seated.. more

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Hulking, aggressive, overlong and practically dripping with sun-baked, redneck testosterone, this six-disc, seven-hour package acts as an apt metaphor for the band itself. And what with this Allman Brothers-spinoff more

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Repairers of the Breach provides vital services to the city’s neediest residents. Led by MacCanon Brown, this pioneering program serves between 130 and 150 homeless adults each day. In addition to a health clinic that opened earlier this mo... more

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The blessing and the curse of representing the politically engaged 3rd District is that, well, it’s so politically engaged. But we think that Alderman Nik Kovac has handled the issues of the East Side and UW-Milwaukee community well. He ask... more

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However fleetingly, Cowboy Mouth tasted success in the mid-’90s with their minor hit “Jenny Says,” a rollicking example of the group’s rootsy alt-rock, and also the only one to experience radio exposure beyond college stations. more

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Christopher Durang’s contemporary family comedy The Marriage of Bette and Boo is a celebration of human imperfection. Paul Madden stars as Matt, a nice guy trying to make sense of his family. Anne Miller and Ken Dillon play his parents, the... more

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I hate when this happens: A band improves by leaps and bounds between albums, with the implied promise of even better things to come—and then doesn't deliver. The latest offenders are Asobi Seksu, the beauty-seeking New York shoegaze band that thr.. more

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Three more finds from the endless piles of $1 CDs at Half Price Books on 8514 W. Brown Deer Rd:The Soup Roses – Hotwired (1992)Early ’90s alt-rockers weren’t much interested in dancing, at least not in America. But things were different in the .. more

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On April 6, 2001, the Brewers opened Miller Park against the Cincinnati Reds. What was the final score, and who was the Brewers' 8th inning hero that day?The Brewers won 5-4 on a solo home run by Richie Sexson.What numbers are retired for the Milw.. more

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  Bob Dylan, Patti Smith and Bruce Springsteen all suffer from genius exhaustion. The Greendale ,Books more

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One of the most enticing curiosities on the Milwaukee music scene, The Scarring Party play old timey, tuba- and accordion-driven jazz; classic American music as re-imagined through the lens of Tom Waits records and haunted carnival rides. Althoug... more

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  Inbetween getting engaged to Van Wilder and filming a make-out session with Penélo need ,CD Reviews more

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