Tony Clements


Photo credit: Emily Dever

Marquette Theatre stages a musical children’s theater show inspired by the books of Arnold Lobel. more


The story is set in a dystopian world. A recent drought has caused water to become very, very scarce. Now the simple act of using a toilet has become a challenge. Now every toilet in town is a pay toilet. If this sounds at all more


As society emerges into a new decade, the rock music genre turns 60. The earliest rock and roll music existed in a very dramatic and dynamic point in U.S. history. The passion and energy of that era is often glossed-over by popular conception of .. more


The TV series “Scrubs” catapulted one-time middle school art teacher Joshua Radin into folk-pop stardom when the show premiered Radin’s song “Winter” in a 2004 episode. Sales of Radin’s EP skyrocketed, bringing the song more

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