The ACLU found solitary confinement, defined as torture by the United Nations, was routinely used on up to 20% of the juvenile inmates at Lincoln Hills and Copper Lake, often lasting for months. Read more

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Last fall I received an earful from Wave Chapelle’s manager after I posted a lukewarm write-up of his Only The Beginning mixtape. And then a few more earfuls after that. The gist of the manager’s complaints was that by criticizing Chapelle I was e.. Read more

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Even as they build our cars, defuse dangerous explosives and explore distant planets in our stead, robots often get a bum rap as cold, unthinking objects, guided only by programming and devoid of an,Concert Reviews Read more

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On Nov. 1, 2010, the John Doe prosecutors asked fora subpoena of Milwaukee County records apparently related to the contract for courthousecleaning in 2009, newly released documents show. Scott Walker privatized those services—and was ableto .. Read more

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Frantz Schmidt was a skilled professional in a profession little honored: he was the executioner and torturer in 16th-century Nuremberg. Schmidt left behind the matter-of-fact chronicle that became the starting point for Read more


Vietnam was the quicksand France fell into after World War II and America soon followed. Pulitzer Prize-winner Peter Arnett's documentary is a fair-minded overview of the costly, confused struggle that cost hundreds Read more

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Torture is no longer a pressing concern for the American public, if it ever was. The country's attention has understandably turned to lost jobs, costly health care and spilled oil. Most Americans probably agree with President Obama that rat... Read more

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Before Najibullah Zazi is finally dispatched to a secure cellblock for good, it is important to remember how the taxi-driver-turned-terrorist was brought to justice—and why the critics who jeered his civilian prosecution were dead wrong. By... Read more

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